Die skool

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

As a centre of excellence, it is our vision to create an environment in which every young man can reach his full potential in the field of academics, sport, cultural activities and leadership. On top of that we strive to lead all our students to maturity through basic, civilised values, as held in high regard by the school community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to have a working environment in which each learner and member of staff can make a useful contribution to effective teaching, and the management and running of the school. We also strive to establish an active partnership between parents, teachers and the broader community. All whilst we still remain loyal to our three traditions of good conduct, good scholarship and good sportsmanship.

Tandem Fit Arbor Surculus
(The Twig Will Eventually Become A Tree)

School Motto

Code of Conduct

School Song

SKOOLLIED – Afrikaans

Aan die voet van Paarlberg gebou
Staan ‘n skool aan sy tradisies trou.
Seuns word hier gelei en ook gebrei,
Tot ‘n skone toekoms voorberei.
Deur op allerlei terreine uit te blink,
Het sy roem en eer oor heel ons land weerklink
En met trots van Suid tot oor die Vaal
Word die HJS se roem herhaal.
Van al die skole, ryk aan faam,
Alma Mater bly jou naam.
Voortreflik groot deur roemryk werk
Bly verrig tot heil van Staat en Kerk.



‘Neath the far-famed rock of granite gray
Stands a school the best all people say.
Boys and youths to train and educate
Model men to rear for Church and State
Or for tended field, for track and sporting ground
And its name and fame throughout the land resound.
For the school, renowned from Berg to Vaal
Is the Boys’ High School of Upper Paarl.
Of all the schools throughout the land,
Alma Mater thou shalt stand.
Supreme and great far o’er the rest
Highly honoured, glorious and blessed

School Song

School War Cry

Shimalaya wha!
Shimalaya wha!
Wha ‘sop – ‘sop ‘sop ‘sop
We are – we are
Wha ‘sop, Shimalaya wha!