Mission Statement

Missie Verklaring

Mission Statement

The true sportsman will uphold the “unwritten rules” of the game.

    Boys’ High is committed to providing the best sporting environment and facilities possible, so that every young gentleman in the school is able to play the sport of his choice, guided by quality coaching and instruction. This commitment endeavours to provide for the full spectrum of Boys’ High sportsmen  –  from the ambitious and talented sportsman,  prepared for sport at the highest level, to those who wish to enjoy their sport on a more social level.  Furthermore, the sports coaches are committed to creating an environment in which each gentleman is encouraged to play games in the correct manner and spirit.


    Sport at Boys’ High must always be regarded as a means to an educational objective where the boys are developed to their full potential. We must strive to develop all boys and not be satisfied with only a few stars who reach the top. Coaches must try to identify and develop potential especially in the lower grades where boys have to make choices about sport. This will ensure that the minimum sportsmen are lost and the few achievers are burdened with too many responsibilities.

    It is important to win, but that should not be the primary objective. A sportsman may never be abused to ensure the success of a team. The primary objective at PBHS must be one of enjoyment, for both sportsman and coach. Whereas we agree with the legendary Vince Lombardi when he said: “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing” we hold winning to be more than just points on the board; winning relates to values, commitment and the pursuit of the best of one’s abilities.


    It is a policy decision, that if a boy is absent on the day of a match, or is absent on a Friday, he may not be permitted to play the match that afternoon or the following day.


    All injuries that occur whilst playing hockey for a Boys’ High team must be reported to Mr C West, the HOC: Hockey as well as Rowan McLachlan, the hockey conditioning trainer. All injuries must be treated by the school’s in house physiotherapist, Anzel Brink.


    Die skoolsweetpaktop –en Boys’ High – broekie kan tydens na en van die sportoefeninge gedra word. By byeenkomste waar ander skole betrokke is, moet die volle sweetpak gedra word.

    Op busse word die volle skooldrag gedra. Leerders wat om 08:30 reeds speel mag in sweetpak reis, maar moet die volle skooldrag gereed hê vir na die wedstryd. Volle skooldrag word ook gedra tydens tuiswedstryde, voor en na die wedstryd.

    Geen juweliersware of hoofbedekkings mag saam met sportdrag gedra word nie. Onder sekere omstandighede sal die Boishaai – Pet toegelaat word.

    • Practice kit: Sports t-shirt, shorts and hockey socks. No vest or sleeveless tops. Shin-pads are compulsory for training.
    • All boys MUST have a HJS stick bag (NO PSS bags allowed!)
    • Playing kit: With the exception off the First Team, all boys are to play in the standard Boys High hockey kit
    • Mouth-guards are compulsory! No player will be allowed to take the field without a mouth–guard.

    No boy may ever miss a practice or match without permission from his coach, in advance. Punctuality is expected for all commitments. “Bunkers” will be referred to the Deputy Headmaster: Sports for disciplinary action.


    There are 2 fixtures where attendance at the rugby on the Saturday is compulsory for hostel boys playing hockey:

    • 16th April – Bishops
    • 21st May – Grey

    On other weekends, the hostel boys may go home after the First Team hockey game.


    Although participation in sport implies physical activity and involves competition, there is a very important element of sportsmanship involved.

    The true sportsman will uphold the “unwritten rules” of the game.

    Boishaaiers toon karakter en dissipline op die veld. Hulle speel oefen hard en speel hard, dog regverdig, en nooit vuil nie. Hulle aanvaar beslissings en motiveer medespelers. Hulle duld nie “chirping” of ‘n vloekery nie en speel binne die reels. Boishaaiers staan uit t.o.v netheid, positiewe ondersteuning en kommunikasie en positiewe lyftaal.

    Aggressie binne reëls volgens die wedstrydplan is toelaatbaar in ‘n gees van sportiewe gedrag. Die ideaal is om ‘n wedstryd te geniet en te alle tye positiewe gedrag te toon.

    We know the rules of the game and stick to them. Rules will not be bent to suit the team. It is dishonest to cheat.

    Ons raak nooit betrokke by ‘n geskellery wedersyds nie – as jou opponent jou kan kwaad maak, het hy jou net waar hy jou wil hê! Ons vermy teatrale woedebuie as ‘n beslissing teen ons gaan (Gooi hande in die lug, slaan oë omhoog of derglike kinderagtighede).