Old Boys' Union

Old Boys' Union

In time a twig becomes a tree

Benefits of being a cardholder

The Old Boys’ Union (OBU) acknowledges the need of former students to stay in touch with their alma mater. Our focus is on providing up-to-date information regarding activities and news as well as to be of service to the school.

Die Oudstudente-unie verseker dat oudstudente wêreldwyd “familiebande” met hul alma mater behou en op die hoogte gehou word van gebeure en prestasies van die HJS. Die unie organiseer jaarliks reünies wat reuse-ondersteuning geniet.

Paarl Boys High Old Boy's Union

How do you become a supporter?

Die OSU hanteer ook die administrasie van die Pro Boys’ High Klub, die organisasie van HJS-ondersteuners wat nie oudstudente is nie. Visit our website We invite you to visit our website for detailed information on the OBU. The website aims at creating a positive and constructive environment where the happenings at the OBU and the school are communicated to members and supporters. Please also share your views, provide input such as photo’s, news, stories and participate in the acitivities.

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Old Boys and members of the Boys’ High Family can also receive up-to-date information and news via the OBU on social media such as Facebook.

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      1. Naam
      2. E-pos
      3. Nommer
      1. Stephan van der Walt - PRESIDENT
      2. stephan@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 082 606 0143
      1. Hennie Warnich - CHAIRMAN
      2. hennie@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 082 442 1772
      1. Werner Spijkerman – VICE CHAIRMAN
      2. werner@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 082 595 2504
      1. SF Du Toit - TREASURER
      2. sf@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 084 240 8757
      1. Marius Heroldt
      2. mherholdt@oldmutualpfa.com
      3. 082 829 6007
      1. Botha Warnich
      2. botha.warnich@silversky.co.za
      3. 079 509 2407
      1. Kobus Uys
      2. kobus.uys@gmail.com
      3. 082 929 1739
      1. Esme du Toit
      2. admin@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 021 872 2835
      1. Francina Van Rhyn
      2. info@paarlboyshighobu.com
      3. 021 872 2835