Imhoff bestaan sedert 1920.

Historiese agtergrond

Imhoff is een van vier koshuise op die koshuishuiskampus van Hoër Jongenskool Paarl. Die oorspronklike Imhoff-gebou is in 1920 aangekoop en opgeknap. Dit was op die perseel waar die swembad vandag is. Imhoff-koshuis soos dit vandag bestaan, is in 1960 voltooi en daarna in gebruik geneem as Hoër Jongenskool se koshuis met die grootste inwonertal. Die sogenaamde Ou Gebou is gedurende 2014 getransformeer tot ‘n koshuis met ‘n moderne binneprofiel.

Imhoff vandag

Die koshuis bestaan uit twee gebouestrukture wat bekend staan as die sogenaamde Ou Gebou en die Nuwe Gebou. In totaal huisves die twee geboue 119 seuns wat dit inderdaad vandag die grootste koshuis op die kampus maak. Die Ou Gebou word tradisioneel gebruik vir die uitsluitlike huisvestiging van graad 9-seuns. Imhoff-seuns word steeds vandag geleer en aangemoedig om getrou te bly aan die skool se drie tradisies van goeie gedrag, goeie leerlingskap en goeie sportmanskap – die onderskeidende kenmerke wat aan die seuns van Hoër Jongenskool ‘n unieke karakter verleen. Furthermore, big emphasis is placed on academic achievement and active participation in sport by all residents. There is a special spirit of unity and brotherhood among all residents and the Imhoff boys make a strong contribution to the general spirit of the school. Regular barbecue ceremonies are a tradition at Imhoff and it is a valued activity to create the strong esprit de corps amongst the boys.

Paarl Boys High Imhoff group photo

Humor in history

On or about 3 May 1969, a body, as unique as it was original came into existence in Imhoff, named the Imhoff High Court of Justice. So as not to mislead any interested reader, it would be well to state here that this little creation of the fun-loving boarders may have the general form and working principles of a court; but as far as the satisfactory settlement of the wrongs, real or imaginary of the accused is concerned, it would be best to accept the given facts without further inquiry into the matter. The first sign of the existence of such a Court was the appearance of a notice, giving a detailed list of the honourable members of the Court and informing all that the motto of the Court was: “To Right the Wrong.”

The first case was that of the resident who was accused of “playing a double game” with two young ladies. The accused pleaded “not guilty,” but the judge expressed his displeasure at such a crime, whereupon the accused graciously bowed, exposed certain portions of his body and was promptly treated with an application of the cane of justice!

Imhoff Hostel
Paarl boys at Imhoff hostel
Imhoff building


Paarl Boys High staff member Marius Theron


Marius Theron (nuwe gebou)

Paarl Boys High member Jacques Louw


Jacques Louw (ou gebou)