Learner Opportunities


Learner Opportunities

Paarl Boys' High offers various opportunities for learners to excel in their interests and strengths.

Tertiary Education

During the course of the year many universities, colleges and other institutions visit the school to inform grade 10 – 12 learners regarding the courses they offer and their admission requirements. They also offer information regarding housing options, bursaries and extracurricular activities.

Any queries regarding tertiary education, funding and bursaries can be directed to the school counsellor, Ms Carina Jansen van Rensburg.

Job Shadowing

For many learners grade 11 is a state of limbo. You’re almost there, but not quite yet and there is that very important choice about studies after school that looms in the future. Research shows that in South Africa more than 40% of people who start at a Higher Education Centre drop out. So how do you beat these odds?

Job shadowing in your grade 11 year is a good start. You might be thinking of a particular career and your marks might be excellent. Someone even suggested the same career for you. However, you’re not sure what it is all about. Job shadowing provides an opportunity to practically explore what you might be doing in that job. You will experience, first-hand, a day in the life of. You can ask important questions regarding the job and find out exactly what the academic requirements are to qualify for admission to a tertiary institution, if need be. Most importantly you can get a feeling of whether you would really like to do that job!


HJS neem jaarliks deel aan olimpiades in verskeie velde. ‘n Olimpiade is ‘n tipe kompetisie wat leerders se begrip, vlak van kennis en redeneringsvaardighede op ‘n hoër vlak toets.

Talent Search Olympiad
The Talent search Olympiad is a computational thinking Olympiad. It is in the form of an online test. Last year 43 boys took part in this Olympiad over two divisions, i.e. the senior division for Gr 10 and 11’s and the elite division for Gr 12 and university students.

The results Paarl Boys’ High obtained are as follows:

Elite division

  • Gold – 3
  • Silver – 2
  • Bronze – 2

Senior division

  • Gold – 9
  • Silver – 10
  • Bronze – 12


Mentorvennoot se landwye entrepreneursprogram bied aan hoërskoolleerders buitekurrikulêre leiding en blootstelling op ‘n praktiese en toegepaste vlak sodat hulle so vroeg as moontlik die lekker van entrepreneurskap kan ervaar terwyl hulle basiese kritiese vaardighede aanleer en ontwikkel. Die program word op nasionale en plaaslike vlakke in dorpe en stede bedryf.

Die HJS-Entrepreneursklub is op 25 Julie 2016 amptelik geopen. Dit staan bekend as die
HJS-Trepklub, en poog om seuns te help en te ondersteun met hul idees en drome vir hulself en vir Suid-Afrika. Hoër Jongenskool Paarl werk ten nouste saam met die Mentorvennoot Drakenstein en die USB (Universiteit van Stellenbosch Besigheidskool).

Gereelde werkswinkels, uitstappies, simulasiespel (bv. die landwye Snap-spel) en interaksie met top-besigheidslui word deur die Trepklub-komitee gereël.

Lees hier meer oor die Trepklub se aktieiteite.


HJS-seuns word die geleentheid gebied om vlieglesse by 25 Air School te neem. Hierdie akademie funksioneer al sedert 2011 en hul missie is om leerders die geleentheid te bied om hul privaat vlieglisensie (PPL) op die ouderdom van 17 te verwerf.

Met die verandering van die wet is 15 jaar die nuwe ouderdom om ’n studentelisensie te verkry. Dit gee studente die kans om op 15 met die eksamens te begin. Op 16 jaar kan die student sy eerste solovlug doen.

Several students at the academy have already gone solo and obtained their Private Pilot Licence. Amongst these are two PBH leaners, Wian Botha and Nico Koegelenberg, who are now working for the academy.

The airfield is situated just outside Malmesbury. The aeroplane which is used is a Cessna 172, one of the best training planes available in aviation. Flying lessons take place on Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 and Thursdays 16:00-20:00 at the school.

Read more here

Junior Stadsraad

Al die skole in Paarl word in die Junior Stadsraad verteenwoordig.

Junior Town Council

Aan die einde van gr. 9 word vier leerders verkies om vir ’n voorbereidende jaar op die Junior Stadsraad te dien. Aan die einde van gr. 10 lewer leerders toesprake om hul visie en missie vir die Junior Stadsraad uit te lê, waarna daar tien lede verkies word om op die uitvoerende komitee te dien. Die gr. 12-leerders tree aan die begin van die jaar uit.

This position brings elected learners into contact with a great diversity of people and provides them with an opportunity to voice their opinion regarding youth matters in Paarl.


  • Team-building and leadership camp
  • Democratic training course
  • Soccer day for the underprivileged
  • Junior Town Council Ball
  • ‘Adopt a child day’ for the underprivileged
  • Volunteer work at hospitals
  • Visits to old age homes
  • ‘Fun run’ for charity